Candidate forum held at East Middle School

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 East Middle School was the setting as the race for the Second District House seat heats up. Dozens on hand Thursday evening for a chance to hear from the candidates. 

“We need to bridge the gap between Erie and Harrisburg,” said Bob Merksi. “I’m uniquely qualified to do that as a local elected official on city council.” Merski is one of the three candidates running on the democratic ticket. His campaign being linked on social media to what has become an ongoing battle against fellow candidate Jay Breneman. “I have a lot of experience managing people, but getting things right here in Erie and of course elsewhere I have served,” said Breneman. At this forum, things were cordial between Merski and Breneman. Both candidates are also running up against former Erie Mayor Rick Filippi. “I’ve worked bipartisanly across the aisles with Republicans and with Democrats in Harrisburg in my career and I think we had pretty good results,” said Filippi. 

The candidates running on the republican ticket are Laban Marsh and Tim Kuzma. Marsh is a local real estate broker. “I thought it was a good opportunity for me to put into action some of the things that I’ve been learning,” said Marsh. Kuzma is a an Erie realtor. “Education is always the big one… We need to improve our schools so that would be the big one,” said Kuzma. Each candidate says they will continue to be involved in the community even if they are not elected. 

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