Candidates and voters meet at Holy Trinity Ushers’ Society’s annual pre-election gathering

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Erie voters getting a chance to know candidates during the annual Holy Trinity Ushers’ Society pre-election gathering. 

“You get to know the politicians, first name basis and… that really is a big help in decision-making,” said Jim Colburn, Erie resident. Colburn says this year’s gathering has little more momentum than previous years. 

“This year it’s a little more excitement than normal for an off- presidential election,” Colburn added. Candidates from multiple races were in attendance, including Representative Mike Kelly and candidate Ron DiNicola. They are running for the 16th district seat which has gained national attention. 

During the event, candidates got a couple of minutes to get on stage and talk to the people about what their campaign is. “People need to come in and talk, it’s an education process for them. Not only for the politicians, but for the electors who are voting for them,” said Skip Ignaczak. 

 Ignaczak, president of the Holy Trinity Ushers’ Society says he hopes the younger generation gets more involved in the election process. “It’s harder to get the young people, who should be more involved because they have more at stake than others,” said Ignaczak. “But it’s hard to get them involved in it and we’re trying encourage that here.”

The Holy Trinity Ushers’ Society will have another pre-election gathering next year for the primary elections. The midterm elections kick off this Tuesday, November 6th. 

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