Candlelight Vigil held to honor 2-year-old who tragically passed away in Daycare fire

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A Candlelight Vigil was held to remember a toddler whose life was cut short in a deadly fire early Sunday morning.

Crowds of people came out to remember Dalvin Pacley. He was the two-year-old who tragically passed away along with four other children in the Daycare fire.

The Candlelight Vigil for Dalvin Pacley saw an out pour of support from the community. His grandmother Melissa Facchiano is still coping with the loss.

“Just trying to focus on helping my daughter through the emotional turmoil of dealing with this everyday. You wake up, and go through it again when you realize they are not there,” said Melissa Facchiano, Dalivn’s Grandmother.

Facchiano said she’s been trying to have a positive outlook.

“Just trying to keep myself grounded in reality and not think about the what if’s, and know he’s in a better place,” said Facchinao.

The city is also mourning the tragic loss of life. Strangers to the incident told me they too are feeling for the victims at this vigil.

“It’s very upsetting. It was hard to believe, just from hearing it when I was sleeping, and I’m a deep sleeper. It’s really sad,” said Oshianah Rieger.

Rieger lives near the Daycare. She said hearing about the incident was traumatizing.

“I was like is everybody okay, and then I just heard the story about it, and it was very heartbreaking,” said Rieger.

Pastor Harry Euell provided comments at the vigil.

“Show love and support that we all need in a time like this,” Pastor Euell.

Funeral services will be held Saturday for the five young children that passed away.

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