A car was pulled out of French Creek on Wednesday after being left under water for about several weeks.

The scuba team and towing company arrived under the Grand Army of the Republic Highway to resurface the car and pull it out.

People who helped on Wednesday said that the car somehow got into the water from a nearby boat dock with the owner inside.

The car owner was rescued from the vehicle and sustained no injuries.

Since the car was left in the water for so long it was fully submerged and tough to get out of the water.

Crews were successful while bringing it to shore.

“The car had floated down the creek through time and high water. So the scuba team had been trying to work a plan to get the car out and with the water levels up and down, they finally said we need to get it out working with the fish commission and state police,” said Doug Sekerski, Co-Owner of Auto Worx Service Center.

Sekerski at the Auto Worx Center said that it’s not too often they have to pull a car out of the creek, but it happens every once in a while in Saegertown.