The number of flu and COVID cases continue to rise across America, raising fears, especially among older Americans.

However, some of those seniors are fighting back in some unusual ways.

What’s the best way to stay healthy amid growing flu numbers? How about a chair yoga version of the 12 days of Christmas?

Mercy Hilltop Center seniors are committed to staying active and helping each other by staying in touch and staying home if any symptoms appear. A decision to stay as safe as possible while still choosing to live their lives together is a way to avoid other issues, like isolation and depression

“I think all of us realize too that it’s not going away so we might have to get not just one flu shot a year. We might have to get a COVID shot every year too from now on. It’s a part of our lives now,” said Valerie Baltzer, chair yoga instructor.

How important is interactivity in staying positive?

Consider that just this year, there have been 100 new members at the Hilltop Center. Judy Piano is one new member who made her decision after losing her husband.

“I need to get out of the house so I came over here and joined, and it’s been great ever since,” Piano added.