Cathedral Prep comes together to mourn the loss of a student that passed away over the weekend

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A senior at Cathedral Prep died over the weekend while visiting State College. Now, police are currently conducting a death investigation.

Meanwhile, Cathedral Prep is coming together to show support and empathy for Jack Schoenig.

Starr Bodi spoke with Father Scott Jabo, President of Cathedral Prep, about the legacy Jack is leaving behind in the community.

It has been a difficult day at Cathedral Prep as many students mourn the loss of a beloved friend. Now, people throughout the community are uniting in remembrance of Jack’s legacy.

Sadness is felt at the Cathedral Preparatory School as classmates are mourning the loss of their friend and fellow classmate.

John, also known as Jack, suddenly died on Saturday evening. The incident occurred around 9:30 p.m. at the 500 block of West College Avenue at State College.

The school is staying strong together by remembering Jack’s delightful personality in and outside of the classroom.

“The students, in trying to deal with this, have found great strength with each other. The brotherhood that’s here at Cathedral Prep, there’s great support there, but we’ve also seen students from other schools unite with our students here,” said Father Jabo, President, Cathedral Prep.

Jack was a mentor to many underclassmen, serving as a senior forward on the hockey team.

With a wide range of emotions from the students, Cathedral Prep is offering grieving services to those in need during these difficult times.

Father Jabo tells us the Catholic faith is a big part of the grieving process.

“Maybe the meaning isn’t there yet for the students, but it helps them in our faith tradition to understand there’s a God with them and this is not the end of Jack’s story,” said Father Jabo.

Students are coming together by placing a memorial on his locker to help honor his memory.

The vibrant orange flowers alongside a jersey signed by fellow classmates and friends hangs in the hallway to symbolize Jack’s character.

“It’s a reminder to them that their friend, their brother, who’s locker is there, is not going to be there anymore. It’s a nice memorial,” said Father Jabo.

In remembrance of Jack, the school will continue to extend its thoughts and prayers.

Cathedral Prep also looks to have a memorial in the future. According to the Centre County Coroner, Debra Smeal, an autopsy on Jack was scheduled to take place today.

There is currently no determination or further information regarding the teen’s death.

Funeral services for Jack have not been set yet.

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