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After major changes come to the Erie Catholic School System, the new year is being celebrated in a special convocation ceremony all day. 

School is just around the corner, but today is about unity and welcoming a new school year and welcoming new changes after consolidation and reconfiguration.

Hundreds of teachers, administration and members of the Erie Catholic School System are welcomed in a special ceremony.  This is the first year for this convocation.  

It’s a new school year and new school system for the Erie Catholic Diocese.  This school year’s theme is ‘Honoring the Past and Defining the Future’.  This, after the diocese reconfigured the school system, putting around 2400 students in six schools:  Blessed Sacrament, Our Lady of Peace, Saint George, Saint James, Saint Jude, and Saint Luke.  

So, the schools wanted to hold this convocation at the Bayfront Convention Center to culminate years of planning and hard work and to show appreciation to the teachers and administration who have welcomed the big changes.

Jim Gallagher, Superintendent of the Diocese of Erie, tells us, “Whenever you go through transition, there’s uncertainty, there’s challenges. We’ve made it through all that now. Yes, we still have work to do ahead, but we wanted to bring everyone together and honor the teachers, honor the commitment.”

This convocation goes all day with different speakers and activities.  It will conclude with a mass put on by Bishop Lawrence Persico.

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