Catholic Schools facing nursing shortage

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The Pennsylvania Catholic Conference will be bringing a bill to the PA legislature.

The bill would call for the enforcement of State Law that requires Public School Districts to provide nurses to Catholic Schools.

Church leaders are bringing up the matter for all eight of the Diocese in the state. The Erie Diocese telling Action News that they’re backing the initiative.

Director of Communications for the Erie Diocese, Anne-Marie Welsh said if the bill is enforced it would allow the schools to provide full time staff, instead of the part-time, or occasional nurse they get now.

“The state sets aside tax dollars that even Catholic School parents pay. They set aside a certain amount of money for students in their district, not in a particular school, whether in public, private, catholic, charter schools. That money is supposed to be distributed equally among the students,” said Anne-Marie Welsh, Director of Communications, Erie Diocese.

The bill is expected to appear in-front of the PA legislature this fall.

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