CDC plans to release new update guidance on wearing face masks

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Wearing masks or face coverings has become a regular part of every day life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now the CDC is expected to release new guidance on the use of masks.

Many people have gotten used to carrying their mask when they leave the house, however others have turned this into a political issue.

In the early days of the pandemic the CDC advised against wearing masks. This was from fear that the panic buying could leave medical professionals and front line workers without personal protective equipment.

Since then the use of face coverings has become mandatory at most places including businesses especially for employees.

Now the CDC is planning to update its recommendation on face masks. Researchers have been conducting a scientific review about the use of masks during the pandemic.

Scientists wanted to study to see if the masks protect people from contracting COVID-19 and not just preventing them from spreading it.

The new guidance is expected to be released soon.

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