Celebrating our 3rd Annual Founder’s Day at Asbury Woods

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The JET 24, FOX 66 team is giving back to the community today for the Nexstar Founder’s Day of Caring.  

We see many of you giving your time, serving in our community.  But we, too, love living local and want to do our part. Nexstar Broadcasting is celebrating its June 1996 founding by participating in community service projects here in Erie and across the country.

News Director Lou Baxter says, “We’re all about ‘living local’ and I think today’s efforts here at Asbury Woods is really about us appreciating this gem Asbury Woods that we have in our community.”

The Nexstar Founder’s Day of Caring brought out nearly 40 people from JET 24 and Fox 66, helping to weed gardens and paint benches and fences.  But, serving at the nature center is quite different than visiting to report a news story. Reporter Jackie Roberts says, “But I’ve never actually been here on my own time. So, it’s kind of cool to see it from another side and help out today.”

As we celebrate our company’s founding, people all across the Nexstar Nation are leaving the TV stations and getting involved in their communities.

Creative Services Director Leslie Bebko tells us, “A lot of employees at this station are stuck in the station all day. The news staff is lucky. They get to go out. The photog’s and the reporters, but this is an opportunity for everyone to out in the community and interact.”

And, there are always opportunities to help out.  According to Asbury Woods’ Executive Director Jennifer Farrar, more than 500 people have signed up to volunteer this year.  “Sometimes, people come one-on-one and do things, or other days we have great days–today like where we have a whole group come out and do a nice team-building project.”

Baxter says, “It’s just a project that needs to be done to keep this place looking beautiful. So, we’re weeding and painting and having a good time in the sunshine.”

Today was Nexstar’s 3rd Annual Founder’s Day, but we look forward to serving the community throughout the year.

And, if you’d like to help out at Asbury Woods, be sure to visit their website for more.

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