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In honor of Women’s History Month, we profiled a former Erie City Councilwoman who continues to make a difference in the community, Rubye Jenkins-Husband.

There are numerous influential women who have made a lasting impact on Erie politics, one of those women is Rubye Jenkins-Husband.

She tells us, “I’ve worked in the community for over 40 years and I had a vision to help make a difference in the community.”

In 1997, Jenkins-Husband became the first African American woman to serve on Erie City Council. She stepped down from her position in 2009 after serving for 12 years.

She says one of her proudest accomplishments from her time on council is supporting initiatives to attract the Walmart that sits on Elm Street.

“It happened where Walmart is now over in that neighborhood of urban revitalization and some 200 or more jobs and people are shopping in their neighborhoods. And families are able to bring in income to their households.”

Another moment Jenkins-Husband says she’s proud of is her involvement with the legislation that banned cell phones while driving in Erie.

“I knew that there was distractions while driving and holding the handheld phones.”

Moving to her community involvement in the present, Jenkins-Husband has a program at the JFK Center that educates, counsels, and supports people with Sickle Cell Anemia.

“So, I decided that I would get involved and make a difference, where people would now know about the advancements in treatments. And the good news is, they are living longer because they’re educated about the treatments and advances.”

Talk Magazine, based out of Pittsburgh, honored Jenkins-Husband in their winter 2019 issue as one of the 100 influential Pennsylvanian African American Women.

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