A local nature center is removing a silver maple tree that has stood outside its doors for over 100 years.

Asbury Woods is removing the tree to prevent possible damage to the grounds or building as silver maple trees are fragile and prone to diseases.

The executive director said the tree reached the age where deterioration is possible and the best choice was to remove it.

They also said once the tree is down, they will evaluate what to do with the vacant spot and the wood from the silver maple tree.

“As the branches and the main trunk of the tree come down, our facilities and grounds manager is staying on-site and evaluating if the wood is useable for some other purpose. We’re going to look and see if we might be able to use a section of the stump for educational purposes where you can actually see the rings of growth,” said Jennifer Farrar, executive director at Asbury Woods.

Farrar said the use of the tree will depend on if the tree is hollow or useable for a project.