Changes coming to UPMC Park if grant is approved

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Fans pack into the UPMC Park each baseball season to catch the Erie Seawolves play.

The Seawolves president says if this grant is approved, the team would extend their lease at the park for another 10 years.”Definitely would love to see an upgrade of the… women’s bathrooms,” said season ticket holder, Luann Sheptow. Sheptow says she enjoys the UPMC Park, but she wouldn’t mind seeing some upgrades to the stadium, especially to the merchandise area. “I would love to have it closed in, I know there’s a space constraint and stuff like that with the merchandise,” said Sheptow. 

The Seawolves president, Greg Coleman says he hopes they will get money to fund these improvement projects. Erie Events applied for a 12 million dollar grant from a state program to help with upgrades to the park. “We’ve got great, dedicated fans and we want this place to be comfortable and we want them to be able to come here and have a great time,” said Coleman. The UPMC park was built in 1995 and was built for a shorter baseball season. Now the Seawolves would like the stadium to be more equipped for a longer season that starts in April.  

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