Check out the Young Street Boppers dance group at UPMC Park!

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A group of brothers is showing the community one alternative to violence.  We met with the boys to talk about what motivates them.

The Young Street Boppers is a dance group comprised of three local brothers who are using dance as a way to promote anti-violence.

The three high school seniors love to dance, and often perform on a whim when they find a large group in a public space, but their moves have a deeper meaning.  “We dance, try to keep ourselves out of trouble, and you know, we do it for peace,” says Marlon Jordan, Dancer.

Another dancer, Malcolm Johnson, adds, “every time you walk around you’ll see a lot of kids just running around, nothing to do.  That leads to a lot of trouble.”

They encourage the kids of Erie to check them out.  Saturday evening the group will perform before the first pitch of the Seawolves game at UPMC Park.

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