Chief Santone tells us how they fight church fires in the area following Notre Dame Cathedral fire

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Looking at the fire that gutted parts of the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Erie Fire Department is sharing their way of tackling such situations in our community.  

When the fire department arrives on the scene of a fire, they have to look at the conditions and see how long the flames have been burning. The next step is to see where the fire is located within the structure. If the department reaches the fire on time, they will try to save the artifacts if it occurs in a historical building.

In a circumstance such as a fire in a church, Fire Chief Guy Santone tells us there are “so many places for a fire to go up in the steeple and hide, and when you go in there, that steeple is the first thing that collapses and you don’t want your people inside when that happens.”

For firefighters, church fires are the most dangerous types of fires they have to fight because of the construction of churches.

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