Child Development Centers now in charge of Erie County Head Start Program

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New leadership for a multi-million dollar federal program is giving children in Erie County a head start in their education.

Child Development Centers (CDC) took over the Head Start Program from GECAC back in June.

Now, four months later, the Executive Director of CDC says she wanted to give us a look at the progress they’ve made with the program.

The Head Start Program in Erie County is under new leadership. Since June, the program has been run by CDC, a Venango County based organization.

This comes after the GECAC officials announced they will no longer be the Head Start provider for the area, because the agency did not receive a five-year grant to run the program.

“The kids seem to be a lot more happy. The parents are happy too. I mean, there are some changes, but the staff seems to be a little more supported,” said Becky Bucci, Teacher, Century Child Development Center.

Becky Bucci is a teacher at the CDC’s Century Child Development Center that is housed in the St. John’s School Building.

She says since the CDC has take over the program, teachers have been able to focus more on students and less on paperwork.

“Just a lot of the record keeping. Things like a secretary would typically do, the teachers had to do. We did a lot of that, and now it’s kind of off our shoulders and we get to do more teacher stuff,” said Bucci.

The CDC even renovated the classrooms to make them bigger and more productive for the students.

“CDC is well known for our quality curriculum. Now, bringing that to Erie, we know that the children of Erie are going to get that same thing,” said Rina Irwin, Executive Director, CDC.

Executive Director of CDC, Rina Irwin, says they have enrolled around 700 children since they took over the program in Erie County.

Besides the St. John location, the CDC has five more head start locations in Erie County.

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