Christopher LeClair to get mandatory life in prison without parole sentence

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After just an hour and 40 minutes, an Erie County jury finds a man on trial for the death of his wife guilty of criminal homicide.  

Christopher LeClair wanted everyone to believe learning of his double life led his wife to commit suicide. It’s a claim the prosecution and now the jury just didn’t buy. 

It took 12 jurors under two hours to reach a decision in the Christopher LeClair homicide trial; guilty of all charges, including first-degree murder.  Prosecutors say the defendant shot his wife, Karen LeClair then tossed her body into Lake Erie.  

The crime falling on the same weekend his girlfriend gave him an ultimatum he had to choose between the two women.  

The first assistant district attorney leaving the jury with a strong request, “He has taken the love that she deserved. He took the respect that she deserved. He took the dignity that she deserved. Don’t let him take the justice she deserves.”

One of Karen’s loved ones says the defendant showed no remorse throughout the entire process and she’s relieved the jury was able to uncover the truth.  Dawn Leombruno, Victim’s Niece, says, “She was one of the most caring people you could ever meet. I mean, she would give anybody anything and we’d never think for a second. She always looked out for everybody.” 

The defense presented an argument that Karen LeClair was so bothered by her husband’s affair that she chose to take her own life, and the reason her body was found tied to an anchor after three weeks under water, was because the defendant didn’t want people to know what she had done.

It’s a claim the prosecution describes as nonsense.

LeClair faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole, a punishment the victim’s family says is imperative. 

Leombruno, says, “So that people don’t think that they can just do this and get away with it, which is what he was trying to cover up and do.” 

Christopher LeClair is set to be officially sentenced on December 11th. 

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