Church of the Nativity celebrates 100 years

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It’s one of Erie’s most historic areas and you may recognize it from the tall gold domes that light up Erie’s East Bayfront. The Russian Church of the Nativity is celebrating its 100th year of religious and community service.

Laura Popoff Stefanovski, parishioner says, “One hundred years ago out ancestors came from Russian, my own grandparents included and settled not only in this community but formed this parish back in 1919.”

Since the beginning of the settlement here in Erie, parishioners are still taking part in Russian Orthodox traditions.

The anniversary of the church began with a special liturgy.

Neal Devlin, parishioner tells us, “The hierarch liturgy, where we had Metropolitan Hilarion who is the highest ranking member of the Russian Orthodox church outside of Russia in the U.S.”

The anniversary gives families the opportunity to reminisce on the history behind the church.

“This really is a family church for us and for many of the parishioners. This church grew up in a community where everybody who went to the church lived a few blocks from it. That’s changed, we live all over, but we all do consider ourselves a family,” Devlin added.

The Church of the Nativity looks to continue to build its strong parish both religiously and as a community.

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