Cities across U.S. using unconventional ways to combat heroin use

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ERIE, Pa. – In the wake of an increase in heroin overdoses, some health officials are releasing tips for safe heroin use.

In Columbus, Ohio, officials are dealing with a deadly batch of heroin and they took a different approach to combating this heroin epidemic.

Columbus health officials held a press conference after the city saw 27 overdoses in one day. Dozens of them were saved by police and paramedics, but two deaths were reported.

The health commissioner for Columbus began to offer safety tips for addicts who insist on using heroin. Tips like: don’t use alone, and take turns using.

It’s an approach that is drawing reactions from those who deal with addicts in Erie.

Dr. Michael Antoon, the medical director for Gaudenzia House of Healing, said he see’s where they are coming from but it’s not his number one advice.

“Its mixed,” Antoon said. “I mean, I think perhaps tips might be helpful if you are going to use, but I would recommend not using, recommend never taking the first one.”

According to a report from the New York Post, New York City Council agreed to fund a $100,000 study on creating supervised injection facilities where heroin users can inject with clean supplies.

Every idea unconventional, but some feel it’s only way to save the life of addicts who refuse to quit. 

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