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Within the next 10 days, member of council are expected to meet and discuss the possibility of creating a citizen review board that would investigate allegations of police misconduct.

The creation of a citizens review board is something that was proposed in the past, but some believe that now is the time for it.

“Now more than ever we need to see more transparency. We need to build up trust in our police department. Our police department does many great things for our community, they keep us safe and they have dangerous jobs, but we need to build up trust,” said David Brennan, Erie City Councilman.

The City solicitor explaining that the City is open to the idea of this and believes it could create better relationships down the road.

“The concept would involve having a group of citizens advise the city on police matters and matters that would involve the police and community and I think that if you get the right panel and group there could be some benefit to having that,” said Ed Betza, Erie City Solicitor.

As the City Council begins to examine what goes into creating this board, they will take a look at things such as how many people will sit on it and who appoints the board member.

One councilman explaining this is something they take seriously and not just turn it over as quickly as possible.

“It will take time to put it together, its not just something we are going to put an ordinance together tomorrow, like I said there is a lot of work to it, there’s a lot of best practices review, so its something we would develop in an ordinance later to create this committee,” said Brennan.

Betza explained that the creation of review board will be an open conversation. One question is what authority will this board have? The solicitor explained that’s something they’re still discussing.

As of now, it has yet to be decided if the study session will be conducted this Thursday or next Thursday.

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