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Yesterday, we reported on the Roar on the Shore team requesting a delay for the 100% vendor increase planned for city of Erie events.  Today, a representative of the city of Erie is responding.

Andy Steinmetz tells us they would like to bring some clarity to the issue.  He says, “The fee increase is from $100 annually to $200 annually. By ordinance, this fee can only be assessed to cover our costs, i.e. the city cannot make a profit off of fees. Vendor licenses involve backend processes such as background checks and insurance confirmation, which have a cost impact on the city. The fee raise is in line with the expected cost to process a vendor application in addition to ongoing support from the public works department.”

Steinmetz tells us the last time the fee was increased was 36 years ago.  And, had “incremental increases been regularly implemented, a large fee increase to cover costs would not be necessary at this time,” and, if it had been increased incrementally, the fee at this point would be $250.

He also says, “the 2005-06 Early Intervention Program report recommended that all fees been reviewed and increased to ensure that the City was not losing money. This was a recommendation that had not yet been implemented so we decided take the initiative to review the fees.”

They go on to list four cities which have higher vendor fees; Allentown, Scranton, Columbus, OH, and South Bend, IN.

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