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Employees for the city are taking on additional duties and for them, that means additional pay, but not everyone is happy about it.

Earlier today, councilmembers explained what is behind these raises and why some are more significant than others.

One concerned citizen, Randy Barnes, is not happy with raises being given to some city employees.     “That position now is worth 11 percent more; you co-voted for bonds so you can give that person an 11 percent raise.”

According to Mayor Joe Schember, three employees are being given a pay increase. This is on top of the three percent raise that was given to all employees earlier this year.

Councilmembers say some city positions have been eliminated and a portion of that former salary is now going to the city workers taking on added responsibility.

James Winarski, President of Erie City Council, tells us, “Positions that are being opened, whether somebody is retiring or leaving, and we are taking some of that monies and putting it toward giving somebody additional responsibility and give them some additional income.”

Council members say that in the future, they hope there are some evaluations when it comes to their raises.

Councilmember Liz Allen says, “When the new budget comes along, we don’t have across the board pay increases by three percent, but that those paid increases is paid to performance. I believe in performance evaluations and making sure people are confiscated correctly for the jobs that they’re doing. “

Two of the employees are receiving a $3,000 raise.

And, the fire chief received more than a $4,500 pay increase as he is helping take over the duties of Emergency Management Services.

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