The effort to tackle potholes in the city continues. However, representatives from public works said this year, they’ve been able to manage them.

Representatives from the City of Erie Streets Department said they are ahead of the game when it comes to potholes. City officials said this year things are going well thanks to relatively mild weather.

The bureau chief said residents can call the city’s pothole hotline to report potholes in their neighborhood.

“We’ve had this warm snap the whole time, so we’ve been very fortunate this year. In past years, we’ve had to try to fill them in the middle of the winter with ice in them just to make them safe for a short period of time, but we’re able to almost permanently patch the ones we’re doing now,” said Jeff Gibbens, Bureau Chief of the City Streets Department.

Gibbens said rain does impact potholes. He said rain and colder temperatures could lead to the creation of more potholes.

To report a pothole, call the city’s pothole line at 814-870-1340, or visit their website.