City homeowners having no luck selling, blame Erie School District

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Many neighborhoods in the city of Erie have a lot of appeal, but some homeowners trying to sell their homes aren’t having much luck. 

Many are blaming their selling struggles on the same thing — the Erie School District. 

Community members said there are dozens of neighborhoods throughout the city that have 10 or 15 houses for sale in a short distance from each other. 

Residents like John Laboski are blaming problems within the Erie School District for homes not selling in the city. 

The Erie School District is facing a $4.3 million deficit and passed an unbalanced 2016-2017 budget.

Superintendent Jay Badams presented a long-term proposal to close the city’s four public high schools, an action which the district says would not happen until 2017-2018. 

“I do believe that’s something that does not help selling the house by any means.” Laboski said about the school district’s financial crisis.

Laboski and his wife, Jennifer, have three young children and said they are hoping to move into a better school district while their kids are still in elementary school.

But three months after listing their house, they are still not having any luck. 

“I think if you’re looking to have children and really going into the future, you know sometimes you have to look elsewhere,” Laboski said.

The Laboski’s aren’t the only family having issues.

Cherie Learn’s home has been on the market for two years and she is also blaming the Erie School District. 

 “Yeah, we had two or three open houses, most of the time only two or three people come through anyway,” Learn said. 

Real estate agent Marsha Marsh said homes not selling are a typical pattern in the housing market. 

“The remedy for a house not selling is typically adjusting the price and we get people, you know, coming in,” Marsh said.

The city of Erie’s taxes are higher than some surrounding areas, which can cause selling issues.

Marsh said it helps to have great pictures of the home online so potential buyers don’t overlook the house. 


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