City leaders and lawyers are weighing in on the $45,000 settlement that is going towards Hannah Silbaugh.

Silbaugh was kicked by a police officer on May 30, 2020 during the George Floyd protests in Downtown Erie.

Erie Mayor Joe Schember said that he is glad that the whole situation is behind them and the city can move forward. He said he is very pleased that the case was settled

“It seems to be a reasonable amount. I still don’t necessarily believe that the city did anything wrong, but we are happy to settle and we had the council involved, and they advised to move forward It’s good to be able to take something like this and put it behind us and move forward,” said Joe Schember, City of Erie Mayor.

Erie Civil Rights Attorney John Mizner said that it is a reasonable and fair settlement to all the parties.

“I think it properly compensates her for what she had to experience,” said John Mizner, Civil Rights Attorney.

Mizner said that it will hopefully send a message to the city and the police.

“About the importance of continually and properly train our police so they can handle difficult and dangerous situations in a way that respects the civil rights of the community,” said Mizner.

Mizner added that it was a reasonable approach for the city to get it resolved and move forward.

“Think that the city has an interest in putting it behind and that was certainly a difficult summer. I think that if everybody could do it over again they would do it differently,” said Mizner.

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We did reach out to Hannah Silbaugh’s attorney’s office, but they did not get back to us to comment.