City of Erie approves an after hours bottle club ordinance

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The City of Erie has approved an after hours bottle club ordinance.

Here is what this ordinance could mean for city residents and future clubs.

Neighbors can worry less about the after hour club activities in their neighborhood.

City Council members passed an ordinance that may decrease disturbances and some of the previous issues.

The after hours club ordinance will restrict any further bottle and dance clubs from operating in residential areas of the city.

Club Energy and Rumors are two after hours clubs that many had complained about, leading to this new ordinance.

Neighbors of the former bottle clubs believe that this new regulation is the first step to improving neighborhoods.

The also believe there will be fewer shootings and other disturbances.

Council members said that this ordinance has been long overdue.

“They put together what I thought was a close to perfect ordinance on that as you can get. There’s always a little exception on that so hopefully it’ll deter more residential type club popping up,” said Ed Brezinski, City Council President.

City Council President Ed Brezinski said that if any bottle and dance clubs are up and running without problems, they are grandfathered.

This means that these businesses are excused from the new regulations.

Over the years many after hours clubs have come and gone, some staying open as 3 or 4 a.m.

“We don’t want to both people if they’re having a good time and they’re in control, but when they fill out into the streets, gunshots being fired, and fights as people are being thrown over cars at three o’clock in the morning. That was happening,” said Brezinski.

Erie City Council voted 7-0 on the ordinance.

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