City of Erie conducting evaluations on how to best help neighborhoods

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City workers are hitting the streets in order to figure out how to help improve neighborhoods.

Residents in Little Italy may have noticed some people taking notes while looking at properties. This is all a part of an evaluation being done by the City of Erie.

It’s attention that some residents have waited for.

“It’s about time, you know, instead of worrying about one section, they should care about the whole City of Erie, not just one section.” said Edna Macerata.

A team headed by the city’s neighborhood planner are evaluating properties throughout the Little Italy neighborhood in order to navigate how to best serve the community in the future.

“We use the information in our neighborhood strategic plans, specifically, you can see an example of it in the Academy Marvintown neighborhood plan. It helps us set priority, it helps us see if there are abandoned houses in the neighborhood that need special attention and it helps us make strategic decisions by a block by block basis.” said Erin Carey, Neighborhood Planner.

Once a surveyor gets to a new property, they fill out a number of questions that relate to the exterior condition of the building. They take notes on things like the foundation, the yard and the sidewalk, and then follow it up by taking a current picture to put in the system.

“We have a feeling about how things change, but we don’t have facts and data things to go back to to see how they are changing and if it really is happening the way, so I think having this data is really helpful.” said Megan Bennett, City Vista.

By doing these evaluations, it allows the city to be proactive in code enforcement and applying for grants to help the neighborhood.

The planner explained the goal is to have a plan for the neighborhood on how to best move forward by the end of September.

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