City of Erie continues to clear the streets from the recent Winter storm

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The City of Erie is continuing to clear the streets from the recent Winter storm.

While trucks still head out, the City of Erie Streets Department is explaining the process and recent difficulties they have had through a question and answer session.

According to a superintendent of the department, last weekend was a worse case scenario.

It does bring however attention to residents that even though there is a holiday, odd even parking is still enforced.

“Our trucks are trying to go through those posted areas and they are having a hard time getting through. So they could basically only do the middle of the street. Then it came into Saturday we were trying to get through. Everybody is home. Nobody obeyed the odd even parking. So you have cars on both sides of the street. The plows can’t open up any parking spots because you’re there and there was lots of times our guys couldn’t get down the street,” said Jeff Gibbens, Superintendent for the City of Erie Streets Department.

The city said that they will post the full video of the Q&A Session.

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