City of Erie loses thousands in funding from Erie Parking Authority

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The City of Erie is losing more than $400,000 in funding from the Erie Parking Authority.

According to the Erie City Council President Jim Winarski, there has been a discrepancy regarding this for over a year, but this much of a loss was not expected.

The Municipal Contract Agreement between the Erie Parking Authority and the City of Erie has expired.

City Council President Jim Winarski said that parking authority members told him the cost was too high.

“I don’t think the city was expected to have this amount of shortfall without some type of recollection that it was going to happen,” said Erie City Council President Jim Winarski.

The City of Erie has been getting $500,000 a year from the Parking Authority, but now the authority is only authorizing $75,000. They were told that funding for 2020 is not being promised.

Mayor Schember further explained how this deficit could play a role in the city’s budgeting within the next couple of months.

“$425,000 is a large amount, but in context of an $8 million budget it is not huge. We will deal with it,” said Mayor Joe Schember, City of Erie.

Winarski explained what is one of the key things the administration, along with the council, need to look over as they look for a solution.

“For now we want to see exactly what the ordinances that we have with the parking authority are and where we can go forward from there,” said Winarski.

There has yet to be a set meeting date regarding this issue. We reached out to the parking authority, however, they have not gotten back to us.

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