The Mayer Building on State Street is being celebrated on March 3. It’s being designated as Erie’s first historic landmark.

The Mayer Building is located in downtown Erie, and now houses Erie’s Performing Artists Collective Alliance (PACA) and several other businesses.

The historic building was constructed in 1899 and this new designation provides certain protections and makes the building eligible for potential grant funding opportunities. The city’s Historic Review Commission was created in 2021 to help preserve Erie’s oldest buildings.

Mark Tanenbaum, artistic director of PACA, said he is excited about this milestone and encourages others to add properties to this historical list.

“We want people to join in on this. Obviously, we want to save beautiful buildings, whether they’re downtown or elsewhere in the community, things of historic significance where important things have happened, they were important to communities in general or the building itself is significant. We will help them get on this list if that’s what they want,” said Mark Tanenbaum, director, PACA.

Stay tuned to JET 24 Action News at 5 p.m. where you’ll hear from local business owners who hope to move into the historic Mayer Building.