City of Erie reports no major fires due to fireworks this holiday weekend

Local News

Many residents in Erie have created their own fireworks display in the city over this holiday weekend.

According to the Chief Fire Inspector Darren Hart, there were not any major fires caused by fireworks this Fourth of July.

Hart claimed that the fire department did respond to a couple of dumpster fires due to fireworks being disposed improperly.

Although the holiday is now behind us, there is still fear that the lighting of fireworks illegally in the city will not stop anytime soon.

“I think there is still probably a lot of fireworks left and I think we are still going to be seeing it for a while. I hope that it does calm down soon. I know that people are really tired of it, especially those with pets are tired of it and I really hope it settles down,” said Darren Hart, Chief Fire Inspector for the City of Erie.

Hart also explained that there is a lot of trash throughout the city as a result of the fireworks.

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