The City of Erie is testing a new electric vehicle, it’s a Mack garbage truck. They hope to purchase several of them using grant funding.

The City of Erie Public Works Department is testing an “EV” trash truck at the Streets Department on East 21st and French Streets.

Public Works hopes to purchase five trucks using state funding from the Department of Environmental Protection.

One representative from public works said they believe these vehicles will have a positive impact on the environment and the city.

“It doesn’t make as much noise as a diesel truck. We’re really excited about the potential environmental impact that it’s going to have on our area. Obviously, our refuse collection is residential, so it impacts every resident within the City of Erie limits, and these trucks would benefit the environment across the city,” said A.J. Antolik, assistant director of public works, City of Erie.

The purchase would be funded by an alternative fuels incentive grant. The goal is to reduce the number of diesel garbage trucks.