City of Erie works to remove boat along side Lake Erie shoreline

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The City of Erie is working to remove a dangerous eye sore along side the Lake Erie shoreline.

Back in June, a drunk boater crashed his boat at the foot of Chautauqua Boulevard.

Ever since this crash, it has been a debate over whose responsibility it was to take care of this.

Over the time however, the boat has been wrecked by mother nature and was also subject to vandalism. Mayor Schember and the city have now become involved with this situation.

The mayor and the city are currently working on contacting the owner in order to figure out what the owner wants to do next.

“There was just to much finger pointing with it’s not our responsibility it’s yours, it’s this agency or it’s that. So at this point we are going to get it out of there one way or another and we are hoping to get him to agree to pay our cost for doing it or give up ownership of the boat so that the state can be brought back in and help us take care of that as well,” said Mayor Joe Schember, (D) City of Erie.

The mayor said that the city is hoping to act on the removal of this boat as soon as possible.

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