City officials and community activists speaking out during special report on ways to Find Hope Together

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The fight to end racism and bring equality to one another in Erie is underway. People are now demanding better and working to achieve one another’s support.

This comes during JET 24 Action News’ “Finding Hope Together” special report with city officials and community activists.

George Floyd’s death and protests breaking out nationally and in Erie. Conversations are happening as leaders hope to make a positive change.

It’s getting comfortable, with the uncomfortable conversations.

“These are serious situations. That, as a whole, as a nation, we are going backwards and yet I’m praying that Erie, PA can be and will be different.” said Bishop Dwane Brock, CEO of the Eagle’s Nest.

City officials and community activists are “Finding Hope Together” to help put an end to systemic racism. During Thursday’s special report on JET 24 Action News, community activists voiced their concerns within the city, saying more needs to be done at the leadership level.

“We need to address it, the minority community has to be listened to. We have to start seeing things from their perspective. We can’t have people that are not minorities telling us how we feel and what we think.” said Angela McNair, an Erie School Board member.

City of Erie Mayor Joe Schember as well as Erie Police Chief Dan Spizarny expressed the May 30th protests was the wake up call.

A push for more action is underway, by adding police body and car cameras. City of Erie officials also saying minorities need to help be the change.

“Particularly in the African-American community, it doesn’t start at the age of 21 to 24. This is something that has to occur at a very young age.” said Sgt. Tom Lenox.

Community activists say that having these uncomfortable conversations and using your voice will help create a change.

“We really want Erie to become a better city and enhance the quality of life not only for the minority community. We all have to look at each other and take care of our neighbors.” said Andrey Rosado, Erie Equal Community Activist.

Activists say that more diversity will leave a lasting impression for the future.

Community activists expect to meet with city officials next week to make a plan on a reform that can be used to educate students and residents throughout the city.

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