City officials look to make 6th and Bayfront safer after 30 injuries and 1 fatality

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City and County leaders are getting approval to make an east side intersection safer for pedestrians and drivers.  Jackie Roberts was at one of the busier intersections in Erie at the Bayfront Parkway and East 6th Street.

After researching the cause behind some of the accidents that have happened here over the past few years, PennDOT has ruled this intersection a priority area.  At a quarterly Metropolitan Planning Organization meeting, Christopher Friday notified the group of another project put online, improving the intersection at the Bayfront Parkway and East 6th Street. 

Christopher Friday, MPO Secretary, says, “This is in direct response to the East Avenue demolition of the bridge. We’ve listened to the public and there was an opportunity for us to put funding towards it so we wanted to make sure that we could get that done as soon as possible.”

The City of Erie Director of Planning, Kathy Wyrosdick, tells us a study examined the Bayfront as a whole and determined priority areas.  The study shows, at the Bayfront and East 6th insection, there’s been 20 crashes in the last five years resulting in 30 injuries and one fatality. 

Wyrosdick, tells us, “We’re really glad that PennDOT worked with us to actually get some funding to move those specific projects forward.” 

There’s no plan set-in-stone yet, but some improvements that could be on the table are an updated crosswalk, stripping, and enhanced pedestrian push buttons.”

Bill Petit, PennDOT District Executive, says, “We do know there are safety concerns associated with the 6th Street and Bayfront intersection. It’s a big expanse of roadway and we have to look for some solutions to some of those issues.”

PennDOT is also looking into adding bump outs and looking into the overall construction of the intersection. Petit says, “If it changes the context in which drivers approach from either end of that intersection and slows them down, it might be worth taking a look at.”

This plan is still in the very early stages, so experts are still examining what the best options might be.  Community leaders also brought up several times how important it was today to see both the Mayor and the County Executive taking part in an MPO meeting.

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