Slick roads were likely to blame for several accidents today. 

As winter weather continues to move through the region, area road crews have some advice for drivers tonight.    

Officials with PennDOT and the Erie City Streets Department said people should remain alert on the roads while traveling tonight despite restrictions being lifted.

PennDOT crews have been working around the clock since early Wednesday morning trying to keep area roads clear of snow.

“Thankfully the temperatures are starting to rise as of early this evening and we’re seeing primarily rain right now, so we are still putting down salt material on the roads,” said Saxon Daugherty, District 1 Safety Press Officer for PennDOT.

And over at the City of Erie Streets Department, workers are on standby as supervisors on every shift monitor road conditions throughout the night.

“The ambient temperature of the road is a little warmer right now because we haven’t had a lot of cold, so they’ll be out monitoring the road and when they feel it’s starting to set up or we’re getting closer to that freezing mark they’ll send the trucks out,” said Jeff Gibbens, Bureau Chief for the City of Erie Streets Department.

PennDOT officials said although speed and vehicle restrictions have been lifted throughout the region, drivers still need to us caution.

“We just ask people to be smart and make sure that they know what the weather forecast is like and to use their best judgement,” Daugherty said.

PennDOT and the City Streets Department has advice for drivers that may encounter plow trucks on the roads.

“Our trucks they’re out there to make the road safer for you and they get you where you need to be safely so just given them time to do what they have to do.” Gibbens instructed.  

That means backing off and slowing down. 

“Just make sure you’re giving them adequate space and stay out of the danger zones around the plow which would be right directly behind the truck and if you’re following a truck try to give it at least six car lengths.” Daugherty said.

The PennDOT press officer said he would also advise against anyone using trailers this evening as wind gusts are expected.