City street parking impacts plow routes

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Parking on the city streets is impacting the plow routes which is currently leaving some people to do the work on their own.

Tonight Peach Street seems pretty quiet, but earlier this evening we spoke to people downtown who were doing lots of shoveling, plowing, and brushing the snow off of their cars.

One father and daughter duo hacked away at the snow in their driveway for over an hour. They seem to have different opinions about the most recent snow storm.

“Our snow plow kind of broke down and so we’ve been doing it mostly by hand and it has not been fun,” said Maya Bywater, Erie Resident.

“I’m trying to remember that we’ve had a pretty mild winter until now. I’m trying to keep perspective,” said Pat Bywater, Erie Resident.

Pat Baywater added that in general most people in his area know about the odd even parking day rule and move their cars so city snow plows can get through.

“It gets tough sometimes cause you can see with all the snow today, but it’s better than not doing it and getting everything all jammed up,” said Baywater.

One Erie resident that was plowing snow said that he has seen many people not follow the odd even day parking rules.

“Don’t care, they don’t care about odd and even. Messy roads trying to get through I’ve seen today people a few vehicles stuck,” said Richard Ross, Plowing Snow Downtown.

Ross added that in addition to plowing the roads, he has helped a few people who got stuck in these wintry conditions.

This is a reminder about odd even parking days so that City of Erie plows can get through and people can drive safely downtown.

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