Classes are in session at the Erie County Community College. Enrollment numbers are exceeding the expectations of the college staff members.

The founding president of the community college said that the numbers for the fall of 2022 are reflecting that 350 students are taking classes this semester, but the numbers are expected to rise.

Classes began a few weeks ago, but the founding president said that another batch of classes will begin in two weeks followed by another batch four weeks later.

The college is still using ARP funds from the county government to cover tuition for this semester, but they are also looking ahead to ensure tuition will be covered for students in the coming semesters.

“We know county government is considering another round of ARP funding. We’re certainly trying to lobby to get student support there, but we’re also up to looking at other options,” said Chris Gray, President of Erie County Community College.

Gray said that the college is expected to serve over 400 students by the end of the fall semester.