The cleanup continues Monday following days of heavy lake effect snow.

From Wednesday to Sunday, Erie received around 30 inches of snow across the region.

The mayor of Erie has a warning tonight for drivers about keeping the streets clear.

It’s the day after snowstorm cleanup, and city crews say they kept up by having crews working 12-hour shifts to keep up with relentless mother nature.

“It was challenging at times, the snow came in hard and heavy in the middle of the night, but we had crews here and we were ready for it. I thought we stayed on top of it pretty well,” said Jeff Gibbens, City of Erie Streets Department Supervisor.

While it is the city’s responsibility to keep the roads clear, individual car owners can still be ticketed or towed for not complying. As for the sidewalks, that’s a completely different story as it is up to the individual property owner to keep them clear.

The mayor says the city is off to a good start, and will enforce the law to keep it that way.  Cars that are in a dangerous location on any street will likely be towed if they don’t move them very quickly.