Cleveland Clinic doctor recommends women take 10 minutes a day to focus on their health

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Women, especially moms, are often in the business of taking care of everyone and everything… except for themselves.

On Sunday, we will honor mom and everything she does for us, but today, we’re looking out for her health.  A healthy mom starts with a plan, according to Cleveland Clinic’s Dr. Holly Thacker.  She says once a year, women need to hit several checkboxes to ensure good health.

Thacker says cancer screenings are a must, including mammograms.  As far as blood tests go, Dr. Thacker suggests checking cholesterol and blood sugar at recommended intervals, and don’t forget to check your bones. 

Dr. Thacker says, “If you’re within two years of menopause, or you’ve broken a bone, or somebody in your family’s broken a hip, or you have certain medical conditions that put you at risk, or you’ve skipped periods for several months when you were younger in life, all of these are warning signs that you should be assessed sooner than age 65, but certainly every woman by age 65 should get a bone density.”

Thacker encourages women to take at least 10 minutes each day to think about themselves and focus on their own wellbeing and health. 

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