Ante up! The State of Pennsylvania is requiring social clubs to put more of the revenue from small games of chance back into the pot.

Those clubs are still struggling to stay afloat. When the state allowed them to keep 100% of their small games of chance revenue, that was a lifeline.

Come Friday however, that luck will have run out.

For years, area nonprofits had to give 60% of that revenue to the community, and keep the rest.

This stopped during the pandemic when nonprofits could keep 100% of the revenue to cover costs.

Starting this week however, they are going back to pre-pandemic rules.

Clubs in Pennsylvania will soon have to resume giving a portion of their small chance gaming revenue money to the community.

Before the pandemic, clubs had to give 60% of that revenue to the community and keep 40% to pay for costs.

That all changed during the pandemic when Governor Wolf announced that clubs can keep 100% of the money to help pay for operations.

This is not sitting well with everyone.

“It’s a shame that the government has to do what he is doing right now. I mean this is not the time for that in my honest opinion,” said Steve Marzka, President of Board of Directors VFW.

However, during the pandemic, the Moose Club continued to give a large portion of the revenue to the community.

The Moose Club makes around $240,000 a year from the Small Chance Gaming Revenue and gives more than 75% of that into the community.

“Moose Lodges we all give to our community. We know that. We have a responsibility to that,” said Rich Weismiller, Manager of the Moose Club.

Other clubs heavily relied on those funds during the pandemic and still count on that money in order to cover costs of operations.

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“We might have to cut hours. We might have to close the kitchen. We might, we don’t know yet. We are going to have to wait and see what happens or what money we are going to have after this happens,” said Marzka.

This will begin on Friday, June 10.