National radio and television host Michael Smerconish was this year’s keynote speaker at Erie County Bar Association’s Law Day Luncheon.

Smerconish is the radio host of his own program weekdays on Series XM and television program on CNN on Saturdays.

Smerconish also became the first radio host to interview president Barack Obama live from the White House.

Thursday, he spoke on this year’s presidential election.

And he says he’s surprised with Donald Trump’s overwhelming success in the Keystone state.

Smerconish says, “I expected that he would win in the Commonwealth. I didn’t think that he would carry all 67 counties, nor did I think that he would separate himself from Ted Cruz by 500,000 or there about votes. So the size and scope of his victory was surprising to me.”

Smerconish also says he believes it will be a battle between Hillary Clinton and Trump moving forward with the gloves off.