Co-Founder of WikiLeaks arrested for ‘failure to appear in court’ charges

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Wikileaks Co-Founder Julian Assange was arrested by police in London. Assange had been living in the Ecuadorian Embassy there for nearly seven years to avoid extradition over criminal charges.

This morning, the Ecuadorian president withdrew Assange’s diplomatic asylum and immunity.

Assange hasn’t left the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since 2012. That’s where he was granted diplomatic asylum as he faced sexual assault charges in Sweden. Thos charges have since been dropped. But, this morning, Assange was arrested on a seven-year-old ‘Failure to Appear in Court’ warrant stemming from that case.

After the Ecuadorian president withdrew his asylum status.

Assange’s attorney says the Australian native is also facing extradition over criminal charges filed by the US Department of Justice for publishing thousands of classified military and diplomatic documents through WikiLeaks. Those charges not officially confirmed, but prosecutors accidentally made public in November, WikiLeaks also served as a conduit for publishing private emails stolen by Russians from the computers of the Clinton Campaign and Democratic party.

The Ecuadorian president has said Assange “repeatedly violated the conditions of his asylum”.

According to officials, Assange is being held in a central London police station until he can appear before a judge.

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