Coast Guard discusses safe boating tips

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As Memorial Day inches closer, people are putting their boats in Lake Erie to have some fun.  

“With all the people out on the water, we’re just trying to minimize the amount of people that experience any sort of catastrophic problems or have any issues out on the water,” said Petty Officer Daniel Ponikvar. We caught up with the U.S. Coast Guard to learn  some safety tips people can keep in mind when they are out on their boats. Some of the basic safety tips are:

  • Make sure you and the people on your boat have life jackets 
  • Make sure you know how to navigate and pilot your boat
  • Do not boat under the influence

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, alcohol is the leading contributing factor to fatal boating accidents on the water. “We’re always ready, said Petty Officer Ponikvar. “But we always want to try and minimize the amount of danger that anyone might end up placing themselves in if they go out in the water.” Another safety tip that the Coast Guard recommends is being mindful that the water will be a different temperature than the air when you are out on your boat. “The water’s going to affect your body temperature negatively a lot quicker than air temperature would,” said Petty Officer Ponikvar. “So, you can experience the effects of hypothermia and the dangers of that very rapidly.”  The Coast Guard suggest people dress accordingly for the water temperatures when they’re boating.

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