Boating use has been at an all-time high during the summer time around the area.

Following two accidents involved with boating, members of the Coast Guard have emphasized the importance of boat safety.

Within the past week, an Erie woman in her 30’s fell off a boat into Conneaut Lake and drowned.

Former Glee star Naya Rivera, also her in her 30’s, is presumed to have drowned while on a lake boating with her son within the past week.

Coast Guard members said that hitting the waters can be loads of fun, but comes with some level of danger.

Coast Guard member Kyle Cummins said normally they are dispatched onto Lake Erie to assist with boating issues.

The Winter months tend to not see a lot of activity nor accidents.

Cummins said most of the time boat accidents are related to the weather.

“People need to make sure they’re checking the weather,” said Cummins.

“Schedule a float plan, tell people where you are going and when you are going to be home.”

Other factors include boat operators not fully being informed about the vessel or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Cummins said the best way to stay safe while out on the water is the obvious one, wearing a life vest while out.

Dr. Fred Mirarchi said at UPMC Hamot they don’t see many water related issues and added to avoid issues while out on the water to minimize alcohol consumption and be sure to always supervise young children and that the summer heat can add to problems.

“Heat exposure and heat exhaustion and potentially heat stroke can occur and contribute,” said Dr. Mirarchi.

There have been no reports that neither recent drowning victim was wearing a life vest while boating.

The Coast Guard has an application for boaters to use to create a float plan to ensure a safe time while out.