The national blood shortage is continuing to affect a local blood bank in Erie as they remain in need of all blood types.

The community relations specialist of the Community Blood Bank said their shortage began before COVID-19, but is exacerbated during the summer due to 20% of their donors being high school and college students.

The blood bank has continued to see a decline of donors over the last few weeks.

They are currently at a one day supply, but the specialist said that it needs to be an eight to 10 day supply.

“We need all blood types. Everyone is welcome, all blood donors. We typically see a very large shortage in O and A blood types. We do hope that it kicks back up, but usually we will still see a bit of a shortage seeing as our donor base is actually starting to age, and we don’t see that same call to action in the younger generation,” said Erika Depalma, Community Relations Specialists, Community Blood Bank.

Depalma said the blood mobile’s will continue to be out in the community five days a week at schools, churches, different businesses and organizations.