Community college vote back on table for County Council

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ERIE, Pa. — The idea for a local community college is back on the table after being voted down by County Council in 2010.

County Council will vote Tuesday on whether or not to fund another study to look into a community college.

Some council members said it is exactly what the region needs. Others said it will be an extra burden on the taxpayers.

Empower Erie received a $300,000 grant from the Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority, the Erie Community Foundation and the Hirt Hagen Fund to help pay for a study to bring a community college to the region.

Tuesday night, County Council will vote on contributing $60,000 toward the study. County Council funded a similar study in 2010 and voted the idea down after receiving the results.

Councilman Andre Horton said with the loss of manufacturing jobs in the area, a community college would give new opportunities to residents.

However, Councilwoman Carol Loll voted down the idea in 2010 and said that there are other educational options in the region similar to a community college, and believes it would be a burden to taxpayers.

County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper is in favor of the study.

Horton said if the vote passes on Tuesday, Empower Erie will hire a director and a company to do the study and would anticipate results in six to eight months.

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