Update: On Oct. 31, Harborcreek Haunts was happy to announce that they had 589 people walk through their haunt this year, and raised a total of $1,280.11 for the Fairview Fire Department

An 18-year tradition is continued in Harborcreek that benefits a local fire department.

The walkthrough garage features different scenarios with surprises around every corner.

“We describe it more of a psychological thriller than aggressive screaming in your face haunt,” said Victoria Kindle, actor at Harborcreek Haunts.

Not only are guests given a fun scare at Harborcreek Haunts but they are doing good for the community.

“We raise money for the fairfield fire department it’s free to enter, you don’t have to donate anything, however any donations that you can make to Fairfield are happily appreciated,” Kindle said.

The president and assistant fire chief of Fairfield Fire Department said the fire department is fortunate to have a community that is engaged to what they do.

“All the proceeds go to the fire department here and we appreciate that very much and it’s a good way to have more community engagement and it’s fun. A lot of people enjoy halloween and a lot of people enjoy haunted houses,” said Jeff Hawryliw, president and assistant fire chief of the Fairfield Fire Department.

The president said staff of the fire department takes time to show their appreciation for the haunted garage.

“I was up there earlier when we dropped the fire engine off so we got a chance to look through it and most of our children and our families always we’ll go through it and walk through it,” Hawryliw said.

Kindle said the 18-year tradition started small then expanded into something bigger for everyone to enjoy.

“I never even went trick or treating myself every single year growing up we would put on some type of haunt for the community it started on the porch with just a few decorations but then it grew bigger year after year to now we are even outside of the garage now,” Kindle explained.

“For us it’s another great reason why we love Harborcreek Township so much, our community members are outstanding when it comes to their ability to support us and ideas to support us,” Hawryliw went on to say.