Community eager to learn how to assist unaccompanied migrant children being housed in Erie

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Erie residents are asking how and where they can help the 146 young migrant girls who arrived in Erie last week.

This is the latest stop of many these children have made on their journey from Latin America to the United States.

There is good news as people can finally donate to these children. We know that some medical physicians are wanting to help as well since they can imagine the physical conditions that these kids may have.

146 underage migrant girls may have walked thousands of miles in different parts of Latin America to the U.S. and Mexico border. The girls landed in Erie this week and many in the Erie community are reaching out to help.

“I’m here because I wanted a better life and I know those girls want the same thing and they don’t know what’s going on with their parents.” said Arielis Maldonado.

Maldonado works for BayCity Associates in Podiatry alongside Dr. Rick Tomassi. She is Latina and came to the United States five years ago.

Maldonado says she can relate to what these girls may be going through. She hopes to at least treat the kids’ feet since she can imagine the children have walked a long way to freedom. Helping these children is the goal of many in the Erie community.

“We’re unsure whether or not they do have low extremity problems. If they do, we’re here for them. It’s as simple as that.” Tomassi said.

Trish Danner of HHS says the girls have been doing well and feeling safe around the federal government volunteers. She says they’re excited about the most basic things.

“The volunteers said they wish their kids would brush their teeth for as long as these girls are brushing their teeth, because they’re just so thrilled to having running water.” Danner said.

“I know that they don’t have nobody and I want to be there for them, just for them to feel safe, better and comfortable.” Maldonado said.

Public volunteering is not allowed at the facility, but you can volunteer at the Erie First Assembly on Oliver Road. This will begin next weekend.

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