Community Joins Together for Some Fun on McBride Viaduct

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     Members of the community turn out for an event Saturday to have some fun on the McBride Viaduct and show just one way the bridge could be repurposed to serve Erie residents.  The bridge located alone East Avenue in Erie has long been a point of contention between residents who want to save the bridge and City Council who has voted to demolish the ailing structure. 
     Hundreds of people living on Erie’s east side use the McBride Viaduct several times a week to get to anf from work and school.  Taking the bridge away would mean longer, less safe journeys for all who utilize this path.  
     At the event held Saturday some shared their thoughts on why the bridge should be saved.  The next event planned to help raise awareness on the issue is scheduled for Monday, December 4th at 7:45am during the time in which many middle school students use the bridge to get to school.  Anyone wising to participate should meet at the north end of the bridge near East 12th and East Avenue. 

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